Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Fix For Sakura

Gnome is turning out fine with the exception of a few applications.
The default terminal, gnome-terminal, is slow and a little to heavy. As a result I went looking for a alternative and stumbled upon sakura. Sakura is a light, fast vte and gtk based terminal. There was one problem though. Irssi and sakura weren't playing nice with each other. Thats ok though cause after writting the author he responded quickly with a fix. All I had to do was edit and comment out these lines in the source code. After that a simple "makepkg -e -f -i" got things compiling without fail. (I'll explain what that command is in a later post.)
if (topage <= gtk_notebook_get_n_pages(GTK_NOTEBOOK(sakura.notebook))) gtk_notebook_set_current_page(GTK_NOTEBOOK(sakura.notebook), topage); return TRUE;

This fixes the problem of using irssi, and sakura. Sakura's reserve for the "alt+number" to switch tabs interfered with irssi's use of the same keys to switch windows. With the simple fix above sakura and irssi are working flawlessly together. Thanks to David Gomez, the author of sakura for such a quick response!!!

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