Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Giving Up Gnome

Ok I tried my best to use Gnome. Just it's .... well very dumb. What I mean is that everything is disorginized and confusing. Trying to get Nautilus to do simple things such as set the background wallpaper required searching the net for a script or application to do it. Yes I know you can go to the settings and do it there but in my opinion thats counter productive. Thats another step I must take to perform a simple task. Anyways aside from that i wanted a terminal that could be hidden like YaKuake with a programable hot-key.
While searching I did find one but it was outdated and not compatible with the current version of gnome. So to make a long painful story short I've gone back to KDE. In a earlier post I made a statement saying KDE has too much for a default desktop, yes I know. Thanks to KDEmod however I've changed my mind! These guys are fellow Archer's that wanted to make KDE more lean and customized for Arch Linux users. Check out the link to find out more. As a result I can install only the applications I need, rather than get everything and the kitchen sink. I guess once you go KDE you dont go back.

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